Order the best taxi cab and driver for you!

Taxistars helps you skip the tedious conversations and be in full control with just few taps when using the app.

  • Choose a local service that best fits you.
  • Know how many cabs are available in the area.
  • No need to wait outside in the rain any more - follow the advance of your taxi at your phone.

Preview the profile of the driver and reject it if you do not like him or her.

Assess previous driver ratings.

Block drivers you don’t want to see anymore.

Mark as favorite the ones you want to be given a priority to be your drivers.

  • Order a taxi cab with extra large trunk or other options.
  • Be able to pay with a card without giving it to the driver. Just pre-register it safely via the app.
  • Order in your language if you are abroad, while the driver gets translated instructions.

  • 0877 144 144 - national phone line for taxi orders in cities within our network.
  • No extra cost for calling.
  • Works around the clock.

Taxi for urban and intercity trips