The most popular name on January

Greetings friends,
According to NSI over 157 000 Bulgarians are named "Ivan". In the new year we at Taxistars decided to do a mini-research to see if it is a fact among Taxistars' customers.

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Hello Pleven

On 7th of December 2016 Taxistars starts its service on the territory of Pleven city. Download the app now and enter promocode HELLOPLEVEN and receive 3BGN for free ride. You move with Taxistatrs!

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Christmas Bazaars 2016

Taxistars invites you to visit the Christmas bazaars. Take the opportunity to feel the Christmas spirit embodied in delicious, handmade toys, cards and a bunch of other intriguing trinkets! To navigate calmly and safely from...

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You can play Pokéstars riding with Taxistars

7146 Pokémon-stops of the most popular global game "Pokémon Go" have been collected for the first time in Bulgaria by taxi drivers of mobile application Taxistars. Only in Sofia drivers have gathered...

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Electornic payment via your smartphone with Taxistars

No doubt in Bulgaria and the world has many different types of applications for taxi services. Someof them are well launched on the market, others not so well developed...

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Electronic payment for taxi in the big cities of Bulgaria

The mobile application for booking a taxi ride Taxistars launched a service for paying your bills with bank cards. Preliminary the system starts with beta-version in Sofia, Plovdiv...

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