New service - Fast and Nearby


If you had difficulty ordering short-distance taxi, despite the free cars around you, you might have wondered why drivers are not accepting your order.

Drivers spend a significant portion of their time without revenue, so it is important for them to be able to provide a minimum income for each new course.

Unfortunately, this is impossible under the regulated state tariffs under which they are forced to work from existing state regulations.

To facilitate the opening of a free car for regular taxi service customers, Taxistars has developed a new order option when your journey is short but necessary.

Бързо и наблизо - икона

sumup pos terminal

With "FAST & NEARBY" service you can pre-announce the driver 5 BGN when your trip is shorter than 4 km. Thus, you declare in advance that you are willing to pay a small extra rate for fast order acceptance. For longer journeys, the price is calculated according to the carrier's standard taximeter.

To make such an order, once you have specified your addresses, you have to select the "FAST & NEARBY" service and book your order from the large confirmation button! :)

Booking of an order with this service is an agreement to pay the minimum travel price that you will be offered to the requested car!

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