New Terms and Coditions

Dear Customers,

In order to guarantee better reliability of the service, Taxistars has changed its Terms and Conditions, taking effect since March 1st, 2018.

New text is added stating that the Customer agrees that when he/she requests a taxi service and the Provider of taxi services arrives at the Customer's location (the initial address of the trip) then the Operator has successfully completed its service of administering the Order and the Customer has received this service. Upon refusal of the Customer from a confirmed Order or from using the taxi service after the Provider of taxi services arrives at the Customer's location, the Customer agrees to pay a price, called "Cancellation fee", for the successfully performed service to the Operator in the amount of two times the sum of the booking fee and the initial fee, as per the basic tariff announced at the mobile application for the corresponding city, but no more than BGN 2. In case of contesting the completion of the service the Customer has the right to send a ticket to the Operator through the Application, and the factual situation is established based on the data collected in the Operator's system.

The full text of the Terms and Conditions is available at the application in Menu, Options, About app.

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